Volkswagen ID. ROOMZZ: family car
Volkswagen introduces the ID. ROOMZZ model. This electric SUV that will be introduced in 2021 and will debut in the production version. A car with three rows of seats, thanks to the new configuration of seats, offers the opportunity to turn the interior into a comfortable place to relax. The vehicle is Autonomous and will take passengers to their destination without driver intervention.

During the Shanghai auto show, Volkswagen introduced the ID. ROOMZZ model. This is an electric and, therefore, emission-free SUV, the body of which is almost five meters long. This car was created for the purpose of using both a family car and a business limousine. In the production version, this model will go on sale in 2021, initially in China. The design is based on clear lines and smooth transitions between the elements of the body ID. ROOMZZ belongs to the rest of the models in the ID family.
The interior of the Volkswagen ID. ROOMZZ is designed according to a completely new concept; it can be shaped in different ways. changing the configuration of the seats. Each passenger can not only adapt their settings individually to their needs, but also change them depending on the vehicle's driving mode. If the driver turns on automatic driving mode, each seat can be rotated by 25 degrees in the car's interior.
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