In Latvia, the number of registered electric vehicles exceeded 10 thousand cars.
Although we rarely see such cars on the streets of large urban agglomerations, we still don't know much about them. The biggest doubts are caused by the way of charging, safety and power of vehicles.

Modern electric vehicles can be charged even from a home outlet. Battery-powered cars are cheaper to use and still provide similar, and sometimes even better, performance.

AC and DC current

There are two types of current-alternating and direct. Both types can be used to charge an electric vehicle: the home power grid uses alternating current, and direct current allows charging at stations for fast charging.

Auto Electric has the most commonly combined charging system adapted to two types of current. The charging time depends largely on the connection power and possible use of the Wallbox device. Direct current charging, in turn, is many times shorter
In electric vehicles, the battery that stores energy plays a significant role. These days, they are no longer a single block-they consist of modules divided into cells. Thanks to this design, if one of the modules fails, you can replace it without interfering with the rest of the battery fragments. The practicality of handling the cells leads to a more comfortable journey.
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