New Renault Zoe with electric drive
When the Renault Zoe entered the market in 2012, it didn't have too many competitors. Today the situation looks different, and in the coming years we will see fierce competition for the title of the best urban "electrician". In these conditions, Renault has made many changes to its electric car.

More coverage, better interior design, more equipment. So we can briefly summarize the new Zoe, which has evolved to prepare for launch with competitors such as the e-208, Corsa-e. We are talking about evolution because Zoe resembles the previous model.

On the technical side, there is no shortage of significant changes. First of all-power. Now it is rated at 390 HP according to the WLTP standard, which is a very decent result. The Z. E. 50 version has a 52 kWh battery. Using the fastest chargers, we can drive 145 kilometers on electric traction. That's enough for a city car. And what about the performance?
Mainly due to the maximum speed, which, according to the manufacturer, is 140 km / h.Acceleration was already decent in the predecessor, but it should be even better here. The time to reach the hundred indicated by the manufacturer is "about 10 seconds", and from 80 to 120 km/h we accelerate in 7.7 seconds. Also new will be the power recovery mode, which, like the Nissan Leaf, significantly reduces the need to use a traditional brake.
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