Five screens in the interior and cameras instead of mirrors. New trends in electric cars
The Audi e-tron is a car Packed with electronics. This is not only the first electric Audi, but also one of the first cars with cameras and displays replacing traditional exterior mirrors. How does this solution work on a daily basis?

Despite its electrifying nature, the Audi e-tron is not conspicuous by its presentation. This is a typical SUV with four rings on the front grille. However, the obvious curiosity of other road users is caused by two appendages located in the place of standard mirrors. By the way, do these digital mirrors really have to look that awful? True, their use reduces wind resistance from 0.01 Cx, but with current technological advances, couldn't they have been better fitted into the body? In any case, I was more interested in their functionality than their stylistic qualities.
In short,you just need to get used to driving a car with this solution. Screens displaying the view from the cameras were built into the side panels of the doors. Definitely below the line of sight. The best solution would be to place the screens in columns between the Windows. The question is only in this case, if the columns between the Windows were not too wide and did not restrict visibility too much?
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