This record was held for 20 years! The electric Volkswagen ID. R surpassed it
At this year's Goodwood festival of speed, Volkswagen did something incredible. Modifications made by German engineers to the ID model. R, allowed to break the previous record of climbing on a mountain route. The time set in 1999 by Nick Heidfeld was beaten by an electric car by 1.7 seconds.

This year's Goodwood festival, in addition to several world premieres, also gave us some broken records. Among them, one is very important, since the record was from 1999. We are talking about the record acceleration time, which was set 20 years ago by Nick Heidfeld in a Formula 1 McLaren-Mercedes MP4/13 Formula 1 car. Then it took 41.6 seconds, but this year Romain Dumas overcame the same route in 39.9 seconds.
Romain Dumas is the same person who drove the car at Goodwood a year ago during its first presentation, and less than a month ago Romain installed the ID model. R record for electric cars on the German Nurburgring track, achieving incredible success.

A total of ID. R has up to three temporary entries in its account. The first was the rise in international competitions at pikes Peak, the second was the Nurburgring, and now Goodwood. What happens next? It looks as if the electric car's next stop will be China, where it will embark on a Tainmen Shan big gate tour later this year, accompanied by 99 sharp turns and huge rocks.
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