Audi e-tron 50: interesting features of the electric car
Audi will join the lineup of e-tron quattro 50 in the near future. This is a weaker version of the electric SUV, which degrades performance and has a smaller range, which compensates for the lower price.

Audi e-tron 55 quattro, with a power reserve of less than 400 km, still remains a relevant option. To become its owner, you have to reckon with considerable costs, so the German manufacturer recently introduced a cheaper e-tron 50, which has just a little less.

Instead of batteries with a capacity of 95 kWh, we have a capacity of 71 kWh here. Obviously, because this reduced the weight of the car by 120 kg, and the range of the cheaper version should be 300 km. This is a result that should allow free operation in the city.
Two engines, one per axle. They generate 312 HP and 540 Nm, which allows you to reach 100 km/h in 7 seconds and accelerate to 189 km/h. This is slightly worse than the e-tron 55, but still decent, especially for this model.   Audi has not yet shared information about car prices, but they are largely responsible for the success of the electric SUV.
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