Nissan Ariya shows what the new Nissan crossovers will look like
Nissan, which a decade ago was the first to bring to market a mass-produced passenger car that runs only on electricity, is consistently developing the technology of cars without emissions. The latest work of Japanese engineers is the concept Nissan Ariya, whose style and unconventional solutions inside and out may go into production in the near future.

The concept Nissan Ariya, presented at the 46th Tokyo motor show, heralds a new era for Nissan as a company that has decided to redefine the brand philosophy in line with the next stage of the car's evolution.
The crossover features a spacious, exclusive cabin with modern equipment and a body in a minimalist and expressive style typical of electric vehicles. This is an example of applying the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision to individual transport. According to its principles, electrification and intelligent systems in vehicles should simplify travel, provide an experience adapted to the expectations of users and eliminate accidents and emissions of harmful compounds.

The Nissan Ariya is a development of stylistic elements already visible in The IMX concept model presented at the 2017 Tokyo motor show.
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