Tesla: how it all started
We have known Tesla cars for many years only from the reviews of their owners. They were spoken of as legends that roam somewhere in the world and cause people great delight. At every step, we heard about their advanced features, subsequent updates, and otherworldly acceleration.

The Creator of the idea called Tesla, or an American brand that produces cars of the future, is none other than Elon Musk - a South African entrepreneur. His path to the top has been a long one, but because of the theme, we will focus exclusively on Tesla Motors, which Musk founded in 2008. The main premise of the company was and remains to provide low-cost electric vehicles to the mass customer. The first step in this direction was the Roadster model, which was supposed to impress rich customers. Buyers, preferring this car, funded research and work on the following models.
However, the Tesla Roadster generated considerable interest in its debut, but also received a lot of criticism. The car was expensive, not necessarily beautiful, and in addition had an electric drive, which 10 years ago was unacceptable. This four-door segment d sedan cost half as much as its predecessor, and attracted with its minimalist design and space characteristics. It is said that it was the launch of the Model S that pushed the major concerns in the shoulder, letting them know that electric mobility is not only inevitable, but also very attractive.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/
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