BE category: can electric cars tow trailers?

Spring and summer are approaching. It is that time of the year when we love to go on camping trips, bicycle trips or start the big spring cleaning. And many of us cannot imagine these activities without the BE category license in order to transport boats, bicycles, construction debris, belongings from a city apartment to a summer house, to go on a trip with a caravan to Latvian countryside, etc. Have you ever thought about whether an electric car can actually tow a trailer? As it turns out, not all models are suitable for this task.

Therefore, if you have decided to purchase this most nature-friendly car alternative, you definitely must learn which models can be used together with the BE category trailers! Learn more about it together with Presto driving school in this article!

Why do we need the BE category?

In the beginning, let us explain what the BE category is and why we should bother to get the BE category license at all. Even though nowadays there are uncountable enterprises renting out trailers and it can be done almost on every corner, a driver with a B category license is actually not allowed to drive with them all. But not all drivers are aware of that.

With a B category license, a driver is allowed to tow a trailer with a laden mass of up to 750 kg. If the laden mass of the trailer is equal to or does not exceed 750 kg, the laden mass of the tractor and trailer together cannot exceed 4250 kg. But if the laden mass of a trailer exceeds 750 kg, it can be towed with a B category license only if the laden mass of the tractor and trailer does not exceed 3500 kg. Very often drivers do not pay attention to this mathematics; however, in case a driver is stopped by a policeman, he/she may then have to pay a fine of up to 280 EUR. The Road Traffic Law stipulates that driving a car without the appropriate license category is prohibited.

A BE category license is needed in order to tow a trailer with a laden mass of equal to or less than 3500 kg. In this case, the overall laden mass of the tractor and trailer cannot exceed 7500 kg.

In the theory classes of B and BE categories, drivers learn what the weight limits are for both of the categories in order to tow trailers. To those that transport cutters, boats and water motorcycles on a regular basis, as well as love to go on trips with a trailer to live close by nature, that work in construction and must transport different building materials, cannot do without a BE category license. This category is also useful to those working in the haulage business, as well as those that during winter season live in their city apartment but during summer move to the countryside.

Why is towing a challenge with an electric car?

After reviewing the electric car market today, you will soon discover that only a few of the models can tow a trailer. It has various reasons.

One of the reasons is the mass of an electric car. As the acumulator blocks are very heavy, the electric cars often weigh more than the same models with an internal combustion engine. Therefore, by attaching a trailer, the overall mass is even higher and as a result the car turns out to be unsuitable for towing. Besides, the weight can be too high for the car braking system.

Another factor to take into account is the range. Even though today there are electric cars in the market that can drive after one charge even hundreds of kilometres, there are also electric car models with much less range. By adding a trailer, this range may even become two times smaller. It should also be noted that a driver must go slower when towing a trailer with an electric car.

At the same time, an electric car reaches the maximum torque just the moment the electric motor starts turning. It means that an electric vehicle is actually more suitable for towing than diesel or petrol-powered cars. Therefore, it is possible to start towing successfully straight from the standstill. Despite possible disadvantages that make towing a trailer a challenge, electric cars also have their advantages when it comes to towing.

BE category and electric cars

In general, after assessing the needs of electric car owners, it was concluded that BE category and possibility to pull a trailer were not among the main priorities when choosing an electric car. That is why electric car manufacturers do not ensure this function to all the models. Very often an electric car is chosen by those living in cities that have no need to drive long distances as well as no need to transport any goods with a trailer.

However, as the popularity of electric cars grows, the question of the BE category becomes more important. And there are electric cars that can actually tow trailers!

Which electric cars are suitable for towing?

If you have definitely decided that BE category and option to tow a trailer without using a drop of gasoline is important to you, such models as Tesla Cyberback or Hummer may catch your attention.

The BE category can also be used when choosing such electric vehicles as Tesla Model X, Audi E-Tron, Tesla Model Y, Volvo XC40 Recharge and Volkswagen ID.4.

On the internet, also stories from different electric car owners can be found about how they have managed to attach a trailer to a smaller electric car, for example, Tesla Model 3. However, even though electric cars have a better torque, it does not mean that any model can be safely attached to a trailer - manufacturers do not recommend that.

At the same time, the market of electric cars is growing and there are more and more electric vehicles designed to tow a trailer with a BE category license. It is expected that this number will keep on increasing in the future. It is definitely wiser to choose a model suitable for towing instead of experimenting on your own as it may endanger the road traffic safety.

Other green alternatives for towing

If the current offer of electric vehicles does not satisfy you at the moment, there are also other greener alternatives that can be combined with the BE category.

For example, if you want to tow a heavier trailer, you may consider purchasing Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid - you can tow a trailer with maximum laden mass of 1500 kg but with Toyota RAV4 self-charging hybrid you may tow a trailer of maximum laden mass of up to 1650 kg. There are also such alternatives as Audi Q7 e-tron with the maximum laden mass of a trailer of up to 2800 kg, or Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid - up to 3500 kg.

If the maximum laden mass of the trailer does not exceed 750 kg, it even is not considered as a trailer. In this case, one does not have to get a BE category license as towing such a trailer can be done with a B category license. Such cars as Hyundai Ioniq and Toyota C-HR both ensure the possibility to tow trailers of this weight category.

Train in Presto and tow a trailer!

In driving school Presto, it is possible to get different kinds of licenses including BE category. If the laden mass of a trailer exceeds 750 kg, it may be necessary to get C1E, D1E, CE or DE category license as well. You can learn more about which category is most suitable for you by contacting the friendly administration team on the website.

Presto driving school is the biggest and most modern driving school in Latvia, which means that its trainees are offered advantages that other driving schools cannot provide. Among the bonuses, we can mention the option to freely change instructors, attend driving lessons also on weekends and bank holidays, drive with cars of different brands and also not miss a class in times when there is a need to go out of town. Presto has the widest network of branches, which means that it is possible to book a class in any town where Presto instructors are working.

The driving school also offers a modern and easy-to-use digital booking system. Besides it is one of only a few driving schools in Latvia that ensures an opportunity to review the agreement online even before signing it. In addition to that, this task can be done faster than elsewhere as the agreement can be signed online. In order to start your BE category training, choose the most suitable time for training and register for theory lessons on!
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