Tesla electric cars

Tesla gained its worldwide recognition as the first car manufacturer to offer electric cars only. That is why Tesla electric cars have become so popular, and Tesla is the first association that comes to mind to many when thinking about electric cars. Tesla was the first one to believe in the electric future, and now it is a common vision for all of Europe. According to the European Green deal, until 2050, European transportation is expected to be nature-friendly and climate neutral. Therefore, Tesla enthusiasts nowadays have many more options to choose from - Tesla is no longer the only company offering high-quality cars. Nevertheless, it is one of the most valuable car markers.

Already today, the biggest car manufacturers have revealed when the production of gas-powered vehicles will be replaced by fully electric or at least when they will have the largest market share. The transition for Mercedes, Bentley and Volvo is expected to take place by 2030 but for Volkswagen and Ford - by 2050. BMW has revealed that until 2030 about half of the globally sold cars will be battery powered. But General Motors aims at reaching climate neutrality by 2040.

Tesla was founded in 2003, and its mission is said to be the promotion of a more rapid transition to sustainable energy. Since its early days, Tesla has confirmed its belief that electric transportation is better, faster and able to provide a more pleasant driving experience. Today we can see that Europe has heard it, and also other car manufacturers are now going in the footsteps of Tesla.

Tesla in Latvia

Already in June 2020, the one hundredth Tesla was registered. However, there is no official representative of Tesla in Latvia but the car can be ordered from abroad. However, in advertisement portals used Tesla cars can be found for much more democratic prices. Even though the offer is not so wide, there still are options out there.

Dalder.lv is a unique classifieds portal in the car market which offers higher safety standards as other similar advertisement platforms of this type. Not only car classifieds can be found there but each of them is linked to a private seller's profile. It is a chance to make sure of the seller's identity as well as get acquainted with reviews. This helps to prevent the risk of fraud and helps to unmask dishonest traders.

In the classified portal, there are separate sections dedicated for such Tesla models as Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, Tesla Roadster and Tesla Cybertrack. There is also a section called “other Tesla” which gives the chance to look up other Tesla models.

Unprecedented company

Among car manufacturers, Tesla is a unique company which is known for its unprecedented revolution in the car industry. Tesla was the one to start the era of electric vehicles and it paved the road of success for green transportation.

Besides, those times when electric vehicles were able to travel less than 100 km after one charging, are long gone. Also the network of electric charging stations in Latvia at the moment is wide enough to make it comfortable to travel almost throughout all of the country.

The first successful debut of an electric car in the USA dates back to about 1890. Thanks to the chemist William Morrison, a transportation for 6 passengers was made, and its maximum speed reached 22 km/h. Even though it was just a small cart, the interest in electric mobiles started growing since.

In 2009, Tesla Motors launched its first electric car - Roadster, which broke all previous range records. After one charging, the car was able to travel 394 km which was the highest reading until then. This was the first debut of Tesla that proved that an electric car can become a trustworthy vehicle also for further travel.

How much does it cost to drive a Tesla?

As electromobility support plays an important role in the relationships with clients, the enterprises today are ready to offer free charging points. Already today in Latvia free charging is available at different locations. Just as free-wifi is usually available at every cafe, also free recharging has become a thing in the largest shopping malls. For example, it is possible to charge the car for free in Spice, Alfa, Akropole and other malls.

In order to recharge Tesla at home, even a custom 220v socket can be used. The overall costs can differ individually taking into account the chosen specific electricity service tariff plans. However, as it is stated in the official Tesla Baltic website, usually those are up to 2,20 EUR for 100 km on average.

In charging stations, in turn, the average price for recharging is 3 EUR per 100 km. Besides, there is no need to worry about the charging speed as there are fast charging points in Latvia built as well. It means that a car can be charged within 1 hour to travel a 300 km long distance.

One should not forget about the service costs either, which in case of petrol or diesel-powered vehicles is much higher. The maintenance of Tesla is definitely cheaper in the long run. This is due to the fact that the construction of electric cars is simpler than it is for an internal combustion engine. As the details of electric cars are less mobile, they do not get so worn out. Therefore, the service visits with Tesla are less frequent.

In addition, it should be noted that owners of electric cars in Latvia are offered certain advantages: the parking is free of charge in Riga and the transport operation tax does not have to be paid. It is possible to save even up to 1000 EUR for those that park their cars in the centre of the capital every day. And it is not only money that is saved but also time. The owners of electric cars can use the transport line, thus avoiding traffic jams.

In order to evaluate which car is cheaper, one should take into account how long this car is used. When it comes to electric cars, the investment pays off only in the long run, but short experiments are not economical at all.

Tesla models

Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model S can be mentioned as one of the best-known. However, to those that are looking for an electric vehicle also capable of towing, such models as Tesla Model X, Y and Cybertruck will be suitable, as not all Tesla cars are technically suited for this task.

The maximum speed of Tesla Model S is up to 250 km/h but the range is up to 663 km. The price of a new car equals the value of an apartment - starting from about 94 000 EUR. Tesla Model 3, in turn, is a more economical option - it is available starting from about 44 000 EUR. The maximum range for this model is up to 602 km but the maximum speed - 225 km/h.

Tesla's offer of models clearly proves that electric mobiles are not boring. There is both the sporty Roadster, as well as the all top pickup manufacturers challenging Cybertruck. If someone still doubts the elegance of electric cars, Tesla shows that precisely contemporary electric vehicles are going to set the next car elegance standards in the future. There is both classical design Model S and 3, as well as the futuristic Cybertruck, which seems to take us to the next age.

The best Tesla classifieds

Tesla is a dream car to many. However, finding an affordable model can be a real challenge, and also on classifieds portals new ads are not so often to come along. It is due to the fact that these cars are still quite new, and the oldest models are only about 10 years old. In classifieds catalogues, sometimes cars from abroad are advertised as well but that definitely makes it more difficult to take a look at the car in real life.

However, in the classifieds portal dalder.lv it is easier to look for a Tesla than it is elsewhere. In order to get information about new Tesla classifieds, all that must be done is to register on the portal, go to the dream model section, for example, Tesla Model 3, enter the selection criteria and save the filter. As soon as a new classified corresponding to the set criteria appears, a notification is sent to dalder.lv as well as to the user's email within 24 hours.

Because of this reason, there is no need to check the classifieds section everyday manually. If there is any news about the best Tesla classifieds, dalder.lv informs anyone with the corresponding filters. Besides, on dalder.lv it is possible to place classifieds for free, also to sell Tesla.

Therefore, we can praise dalder.lv not only for being the most modern platform of this type in Latvia but also for offering the most friendly prices.

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